Terms & Conditions

I’m not a lawyer and have only watched a handful of ‘Law & Order’ in my life, but I’ll do my best with this section. I’ll eventually have someone in the field of law review this and probably rewrite the entire thing, but I’ll give you my version.

To put it shortly, Upper Cumberland Weather is not responsible for you. Period. What you read on this website, what you read on our social media platforms, what you watch on our channel — basically any content we provide to you — is your responsibility to interpret, not ours.

As an example, if we say there is a “20% chance of storms today” and you go ahead with your outdoor event and someone is randomly struck by lightning, that’s not our fault. If hail destroys your windshield, that’s not our fault. If a tornado tosses your kid’s trampoline (God’s frisbee) into the next yard, that’s not our fault.

Upper Cumberland Weather does its due diligence to provide real-time severe and winter weather updates whenever we can (which is nearly all of the time, but probably for legal (and certainly ethical so I can sleep better at night) reasons, we can’t say “all” of the time. At the time of writing this, there is only one person behind Upper Cumberland Weather, and while he does his best to stay on top of things during severe weather, life does happen.

Again, all content originating from Upper Cumberland Weather, including, but not limited to, forecasts and severe/winter weather coverage, is meant for informational purposes only, and we are not responsible for what you do with it.

That all seems pretty straightforward to me, but I’ll eventually have someone with legal expertise put all of this in proper legal terms that are impossible for you or me to understand but should be interpreted as “don’t sue us.”

As it stands, don’t sue us.