It’s hard to believe we’re already to mid November! Almost as hard to believe is how calm our weather has been as of late. Outside of a few rain systems this month, all has been quiet.

As you (should) know, fall is considered our ‘secondary’ severe weather season — although severe weather happens year-round here. The last severe weather day we’ve had came on October 6 when a tornado struck north of Crossville. Since then, we’ve only had a couple of storm systems that *could* have brought severe weather (both in October), and neither event resulted in anything more than just rain and a bit of wind.

This is subject to change, but as of right now, long-range model guidance suggests the remainder of this month will remain fairly quiet, at least through Thanksgiving. We’ll see a couple of rain chances (more on that below), but severe weather doesn’t look to be in the cards.

Who knows what December and the winter months will bring, but fingers crossed we do at least get through November without any worries in the severe weather department, as it currently appears right now!

As far as temperatures go, we appear to be trending toward the cooler side next week, although day-to-day specifics are impossible to iron out right now. I would bet more on having Thanksgiving meals indoors and wearing a good jacket or coat for any outdoor activities, but we shall see.