After about a week or so of summer-like temperatures and high humidity, we’re finally being subject to a nice shot of much more seasonable weather.

A cold front moved through yesterday.  We’re only just now beginning to feel its effects, as lows overnight still managed to remain relatively mild.  However, the difference will be felt as we go through the day with less humidity and temperatures climbing rather modestly into the 70s.

Sunny skies can be expected through this afternoon with highs topping out in the mid 70s on the Plateau, upper 70s elsewhere.

Skies will remain mostly clear overnight with temperatures dipping down into the lower 50s.

Tomorrow will be very similar to today but with temperatures running a few degrees cooler.  Low 70s can be expected on the Plateau with highs in the mid 70s elsewhere.

Friday night football looks phenomenal.  Unlike last week, you may want to take a light jacket with you, as temperatures will be falling into the 60s during most games.

Yet another cold front will move through Friday night.  Like yesterday’s, this one also won’t bring with it any precipitation.  Rather, we’ll just see a couple more degrees knocked off our high temperatures on Saturday.

By Sunday, we’ll begin to see our temperatures climb back up a bit, steadily rising as we head into the work week.  By the middle of next week, many areas, particularly west of the Plateau, will see highs returning back close to 80°, perhaps low to mid 80s in some locations like Carthage and Hartsville.

All the while, conditions look to remain dry.